11 Outfits Your Closet Needs Now

It’s never too late to continue expanding on your wardrobe, and with these closet essentials from Je M’Appelle Stephani, you will have all of the essentials you need to make any outfit complete. She says it herself, you can make 42 different outfit combinations with just these 11 pieces alone! Count in all of your other pieces and accessories, and you have endless possibilities for your outfit choices. Now you see the need for these items. We feel as if these staple items are worth the price, and once you find a piece that will last you, grab it, because it may be hard to find again.

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First let’s talk about this little black dress piece. Who doesn’t love a little black dress? If you don’t, you’re not a woman. The LBD is slimming, sophisticated, and can be worn with anything. Want to wear white? Go ahead! Want to wear that statement accessory that will add the perfect amount of color? You got it! What about that new brown leather jacket you have been craving to wear? Of course! Don’t be scared of the brown on black. Pair it right, and everyone will be wishing they had the confidence to rock your outfit. With the LBD, you have the freedom to do anything you want with the rest of your outfit. Keep your makeup simple and classic, or try out something bold and daring, you will be sure to look fabulous in your LBD.

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Every girl should also have at least these 3 pairs of jeans. Obviously we would love to have more, but let’s start with these. If you follow the no white after labor day rule, you may be a good fashion rule follower, but how many people do you know that actually follow that rule? Not many. We love wearing white year round, so that definitely makes it a closet staple. Black, again, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black pants. And then you can’t forget the classic denim look that can be dressed up or dressed down. Super versatile.

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A leather jacket? A girl can never have too many, seeing as Stephani is wearing one, and showing off another one of her favorites. Finding one that works for you is the trick with this piece. You don’t want it to look too motorcycle-y, but if that’s the look you’re going for, you rock it. We are in love with the two styles Stephani has. More of a classier, girly look for your more feminine outfits, and more of a motorcycle look for when you want to bring up the edge on any outfit.

Let us know in the comments what staples you would add to this collection or what your favorite combination of these pieces would be!

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